AboutZio's Pizzeria

An Omaha Tradition Since 1985
Zio’s Pizzeria has proudly served the Omaha area with authentic New York Style pizza since 1985. Our four locations stretch across Omaha from 11th & Howard to 181st & Wright, so you can be close to a Zio’s anywhere you go! Our pizza is made fresh daily with over 40 toppings to choose from, so you’ll always find something you like at Zio’s.

About Zio’s Pizzeria

Zios Pizzeria - Multi Slice Pizza

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11th & Howard | 78th & Dodge | 129th & W. Center | 181st & Wright
Our four convenient locations make it easy for you to enjoy Zio’s no matter where you are in the Omaha area. Sit on the patio at 129th & Center, take your lunch break at 78th & Dodge, if you’re downtown, stop in at our 11th & Howard location, or visit our newest location out west at 181st & Wright!

11th & Howard

78th & Dodge

129th & Center

181st & Wright

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